Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association Extravaganza

The annual meeting of the Maryland B & B Association had a one-day agenda that, in my opinion, rivals ANY B & B industry workshop for strength and usefulness of content. Held at Elk Forge B & B in Elk Mills, Maryland, in addition to the normal association business activities, the association hosted three content-packed experts that filled the session with useful and practical info that had attending innkeepers scribbling notes like crazy.

Don Farrell, Chief Cultivating Officer of Fresh Revenues, a MBBA Annual Meeting '09 Don Farrellfrequent and entertaining speaker on converting telephone inquiries into bookings at the last two PAII conferences, conducted a 3 hour workshop on developing loyalty among guests and the telephone techniques to maximize bookings. One additional booking a day, assuming $150 Average Daily Rate increases annual revenue by $90,000!  Here Don is calling an inn to demonstrate sound inn practices of phone call conversion.

In a time when every innkeeper is seeking to spend their marketing dollars wisely, Willow Coyle of offered expert advice on getting your Return on Investment with internet directories.

MBBA annual Meeting '09 Lisa, Dave & DanielleLisa Kolb, president and co-founder of Acorn Internet Services, detailed valuable and practical info on maximizing internet exposure with Google, the potential impact of the upcoming Caffeine algorithm shake-up that Google is expected to launch  in January (watch your rankings…they may be changing unexpectedly!), and maximizing the effectiveness of Social Media and its application to B & B’s.  Here Lisa addresses questions from Dave Balderson (Wayside Inn) and Danielle Hanscom (Brampton Inn).

This one meeting alone, with its practical and entertainingly motivating content, makes the price of membership in the MBBA a valuable investment.

Attendees…any comments?               Scott

4 thoughts on “Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association Extravaganza

  1. Scott:
    I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you inviting me to this annual meeting. The presenters were all excellent and I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of the members of the association. Darlene has all my information and has promised to follow up until I join!
    I must say, you all set the bar pretty high for future meetings. I can’t wait to see what you do for the next one!


  2. Thanks for taking time to give this information out to all. All our meetings are great opportunities to share in the plans and execution of MBBA. This annual meeting ranked with the best. Thanks to all the planners.

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