Please Just Touch and Go … and an Innkeeper Request

In my consulting and real estate travels around the Mid-Atlantic region, I often pass by Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.  Four times this week.  I am often amazed by the size of the C-5A transports coming in and out of the base and look forward to driving right under the approach as the monster planes either take off or land. The roar is awe-striking as the big shadow crosses the highway I’m on.

And then my thoughts ALWAYS turn to a short prayer.  I pray that each landing I see is followed by the roar of

Please Just Touch and Go

the engines and the behemoth plane taking right back off again.  It’s called a touch and go…training for take-offs and landings. The reason for my prayer, you see, is that Dover AFB is where many of the cargo and personnel aircraft originate on their way to Baghdad or Kabul.  And, as the graves registration center on the East Coast, it is the destination of many young men and women returning to the States for the last time…on their way home to their families for the last time.

My prayer is for each plane to be a training mission and not a part of the heart-wrenching experience it must be for a family to come to grips with the loss of a son, or daughter, or dad, or mom.  “Please, Lord, let it just be a touch and go.”

What does this have to do with innkeeping?  Probably nothing directly…it’s more of a therapeutic outlet for me, my thoughts of my fellow West Pointers, my newer role as a Poppie, and, probably less seldom seen, the softer side of an old codger.

But I would like to make this offering to any innkeeper who feels similarly.  And I know the people in this hospitality and care-giving industry are GREAT at such feelings.  I am asking that innkeepers support our troops and their families.  If you offer:

  • Military discounts
  • Comp rooms for military families…as a surprise gift, not necessarily a published rack rate
  • Other benefits or gifts of value to military families

please let me know and I will list your name and inn, with link, and the benefit you provide, along with my heartfelt thanks, in my upcoming newsletters and blog postings.  We are a great industry of professionals who understand the impact an innkeeper can have on a guest…and with the ability to send an appreciative gift to those who deserve our thanksgiving.     Scott

5 thoughts on “Please Just Touch and Go … and an Innkeeper Request

  1. King’s Cottage offers an active duty military discount of 15% on a 2 night stays Mon- Thursday. on Weekends, we offer a 10% military discount on weekends (2 night minimum) and for one night stays during the week. No black out dates. Semper Fi I am the proud mother of an active duty Marine.

  2. We always offer the federal per diem rate to guests who are active military.
    Fed rate applies to our “standard” rooms; We also offer special discounts for active military on our luxury suites.

  3. Scott,

    I would be more than delighted to offer a discount to those in the military. We have quite a good percentage of serviceman in our area. There are quite a few armories here as well.

    Any suggestions for the discount?

    It would also be exciting to hosts a wedding for a couple planning to marry before leaving or returning. I could turn it into a “entry event.” They themselves would get their lodging comped for the event. If they choose the inn it could be their event site and rooms would be open for others to book who are attending the wedding.

    I know Dover Air Force Base well. While awaiting a foster home I stayed with an Aunt and Uncle in Delaware. His name was Bill Keiser and he drove one of the hearse that came to the base for servicemen. I remember the first time I went with him to the base. At that time I was a young teenager but the experience was one that left a lasting impression.

    The toll it took on my uncle was tremendous as it never ever got easier to drive the hearse to pick up someone’s son who would never again embrace their parents.

  4. Scot,

    This is the special on my website:

    A Salute to those Who Protect
    Active duty members of the armed forces, policemen/women, and firemen/women, we thank you for helping to ensure our freedom and safety by offering you a 15% discount on our guest room rates for a 1 night stay and 20% off 2 nights or more. Make your reservations less than 24 hours before check-in, and receive 25% off (2 nights or more.). Some seasonal restrictions apply. Holidays excluded. Please bring appropriate identification to qualify for the special.

  5. Thanks to Cheryl at Pennsbury Inn, Dee at Pheasant Field, Georgie at Olde Square Inn, and Janis at Kings Cottage, for your responses, but more importantly for your commitment to our armed services.

    You are thoughtful, caring and patriotic innkeepers. Scott

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