Beating the TV Noise Problem at Your B&B

Buongiorno!  Marilyn and I are in Roma for a little time off and are staying at the Pensione Barrett in center city.  The room is a bit ornate with statuary and artwork, but the 400 year old inn offers the character and charm of Old Italy.

But one of its modern features includes a Flatscreen TV.  That in itself is nothing new to American B&B’s.  But they do not have the noise problem that I have witnessed in the B&B’s at home (and some hotels too).  I speak of the guy in the next room with his TVTV Sound Jacks turned up too loud or thin walls making TV’s anywhere in the house annoying.

There are no sound controls, no governor on the volume, but rather a jack (actually two jacks…one on each side of the headboard) to allow laying in bed with headphones to listen.  No sound in the room whatsoever!  I am not crazy about using the earbuds they have here, a more comfortable set of earphones would be preferable, but what a good way for solving the sound problem some of our inns currently experience.

These Italians…always leading the way in good fashion!  Ciao!  Scott

2 thoughts on “Beating the TV Noise Problem at Your B&B

  1. My wife and I have wireless headphones in our own bedroom so that one can sleep while the other watches TV. The headphones we got are a bit bulky and odd looking for our shape heads, but for us, they work great. I once had a couple stay with us where the wife was working on her dissertation in the room and the husband was going to catch up on his TV. I took our wireless headphone system down to their room and they both loved it!

    I was thinking of adding wireless headphones to all the rooms, but am concerned about the sanitary issue of people sharing the headphones. Inexpensive ear buds makes sense, but I’m doubting there are inexpensive wireless ear buds around. I don’t feel like running wires — who uses wires anymore? I’ve been too busy to do the research, but what I would like is a two unit system — 1st unit attaches to TV to capture audio, 2nd unit has a headphone jack (maybe even a little speaker so that they don’t have to have it so loud) that can sit by the bedside that receives wireless audio from 1st unit.

    If someone was to make a simple system like this, I don’t see why every lodging facility wouldn’t put them in all their rooms.

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